Thursday, November 10, 2011


Perry: "...and I tell you, it's three agencies when I get there that are gone... Commerce, education, and the, uh, what's the third one... let's see, uh, commerce..."
Paul: "You had five."
Perry: "Five? Thank you, Ron, I appreciate that, but I'm pretty sure that that I was only thinkin of three... there's the department of commerce, the department of education, commerce and uh, the..."
Paul: "The EPA?"
Perry: "The EPA. There you go, the department of EPA."
Moderator: "Seriously? The EPA is the agency you were thinking about?"
Perry: "No sir, it's not. The EPA needs to be reformed from the ground up, but it doesn't need to get gone. The EPA is somethin Ron Paul wants to get rid of, not me. You see the way he was lookin at me? He just popped that idea right into my head."
Moderator: "But you can't name a third one?"
Perry: "The third agency of government I would do away with, there's commerce, uh, the, uh, education...
Moderator: "You've mentioned those previously."
Perry: "And uh, let's see, I can't, the third one..."
Paul: "I'm pretty sure he wants to get rid of the EPA..."
Bachmann: "No he doesn't, Ron Paul, you're putting words into his mouth. I sure hope he doesn't want to get rid of the Defense Department, because I believe in a strong defense."
Moderator: "That's all well and good, Congresswoman Bachmann, but that question was intended for Governor Perry, not for you."
Bachmann: "But I'm not getting any questions."
Moderator: "And with that sort of attitude, you won't be getting any either. Governor Perry, we are waiting for your response."
Perry: "The three agencies are the Commerce Department, which is a row I've already plowed, and of course the Department of Education, that's gone, and uh, is my time up? I'm pretty sure my time is up by now."
Moderator: "As moderator, I can grant you sufficient time to answer the question. Now do it."
Perry: "I can't. Sorry."
Moderator: "You can't answer the question?"
Perry: "Well, I can answer that one. No... I got brain freeze."
Moderator: "Pathetic. Very well then, the next question is for Herman Cain. Mister Cain, assuming you are not the party's nominee - which I believe to be a logical assumption - would you ever be able to throw your support to a man who gets brain freeze?"
Cain: "First of all, I take offense at your premise. And secondly, the answer is no, I could not support a candidate that gets brain freeze. Herman Cain does not get brain freeze."
Moderator: Same question to you, Congresswoman Bachmann. Could you support such a candidate?"
Bachmann: "I think we need to consider..."
Perry: "Hold on just a doggone second. You seem to be tryin to turn this debate into a pick on Rick Perry session.
Moderator: "A pick on Rick Perry session? The question was intended for Congresswoman Bachmann. So now on top of being a man who gets brain freeze, you are also being rude."
Romney: "I detect a little paranoia as well."
Perry: "Shoot, maybe I should have stuck with my decision to bow out of the rest of the debates."
Moderator: Perhaps you should have. Add flip-flopper to that list of your inadequacies. Turning now to the question of Medicare funding...


  1. Wizards of Texass doin their part of clean up the bureaucratic vermin of these United States.