Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Zappadan!

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This article is about the Zapptist celebration during the opening of Zappadan.
The first (or 17th) day of Zappadan was originally known as Enttäuschung Nacht - German for 'bummer night' - but over the years it has been Americanized to the much simpler BummerNacht. This being the anniversary of Mister Zappa's death, the original meaning is rather obvious, and we shall not delve further into it here.
Far from being a day of mourning, however, it is a day of great joy, for Zapptists know that a mere seventeen days later, on December 21st (Zero Day), Frank Zappa was born.
Traditionally, children are not allowed to participate in the celebration of BummerNacht, although teenagers are winked at if they decide to 'run down to the library and not return until some ungodly hour of the night'. Celebrants are often seen cavorting to the exotic sound of the Mystery Horn while gorging on burnt weenie sandwiches and guzzling white port and lemon juice.  
How could I have forgotten BummerNacht, one of the most prominent days of the glorious Festival of Zappadan? I couldn't, and I didn't, but even a couple of years ago it was obvious that the celebration would continue to thrive without the assistance of my cheerleading efforts, so this year I thought it was time for me to lean back and enjoy the festivities from the crowd. But I certainly can't let it pass without wishing a very Merry Zappadan to everyone who has been touched by the music, spirit, humor and unfettered free-thinking of the great Frank Zappa.

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