Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cape Man still at large

"My husband and I thought he had some problems, but I didn't know someone like that would have guns." - the neighbors

More information is surfacing about 36 year old Daniel James Murray, the New York fugitive being sought by the Secret Service for threats against President Obama. He's mentally ill, which was rather obvious from the earlier reports, and has been in and out of mental hospitals for the past ten years.

Which of course beggars the question of how he's been able to legally obtain at least eight registered handguns. Because his assassination threats aren't the first time he's ever shown off his dark side. From The Saratogian, we find that Murray was arrested in 2002 for threatening to blow up a grocery store.

He was arrested on January 16, 2002 by the Saratoga County Sheriffs Department and charged with first-degree falsely reporting an incident, a felony. According to a sheriff’s report, Murray called the sheriff’s department that afternoon saying he planned to blow up the Hannaford Plaza. The report, filed by Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin P. Mullahey, goes on to say that Murray also reported “he was armed and would kill himself.” Murray “implied that his vehicle… was filled with explosives and would be activated,” the report continues.

See, he only implied that his car was wired to explode, and so he was able to cop a plea bargain and only get three years probation. ("No way officer, I just called up to say that Hannaford Plaza really blows.")

Murray did so well that he was released from probation a year early, moved into his parent's place with the glow in the dark cross, and became know around his Rexford N.Y. home as Cape Man. "A couple of years ago, we started noticing a guy walking down the street waving his arms and talking to himself," said neighbor Leighnann Nastasia. "He wore a cape."

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  1. I hadn't heard those people he was living with in Rexford NY were definitely ID'd as his parents ... but of course who else would tolerate a tenant flapping around in a cape, mumbling to himself, and sticking up glow-in-the-dark jeezus symbols all over the yard? Even so, he left or was kicked out in Dec '08 and has been traveling around the US since O became Prez.

    Good job filling in some the blanks!