Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama reacts to coup in Honduras

Tegucigalpa? What is that, some kind of bean dip? We're talking about health care reform here, so I don't see that... Honduras? Oh, sure... Down there, uh, between Mexico and Guatemala, right? Guatemala and Nicaragua. I knew that. Sure, our little friend to the South. A vital trading partner, and... Okay, took me a minute to shift gears, but I can see how this fits in with health care. Bananas and coffee, two things that help keep you regular.

Well, I hardly think it's fair to call them a banana republic even if they do export a lot of bananas. I mean, so do Nicaragua and Guatemala and nobody calls them banana republics... Okay, point taken. I stand corrected. And furthermore, although it momentarily slipped my mind, I do recall that the topic of Honduras came up yesterday. I was in a sand trap on the seventh hole at the time, so I probably did not give the situation my full attention. But yes, Hillary called, and I distinctly remember reminding her not to interrupt me on the golf course unless it was a matter of grave importance. And as you know, it was only Honduras.

Nevertheless, when Secretary Clinton told me that there had been a military coup ousting President... uh, Gibbs, a little help over here... No? Nuts... ousting the Honduran President, I remarked something along the line of my disapproval for military coups in general and then I used a wedge to hit a really sweet shot onto the green, rolled within about four inches of the hole and then it kept on rolling and rolling... And the upshot is that I ended up with a double bogey for the hole, so I resolved to put Honduras off until tomorrow so that I could focus on the rest of the game.

Uh huh. The Honduran constitution only allows for one term? That's harsh.... The Supreme Court said that? Oh, the Honduran Supreme Court... Well, I said that I would look at the situation tomorrow, which is now today, and by my watch we've still got quite a few hours left to study the matter. So until then, I would advise that you address any further questions to Ambassador... uh, Gibbs, a little assistance please... Gibbs... No? Nuts... the Honduran ambassador.

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