Saturday, August 1, 2009

go tweet yourself

Really, I've been on the road and out of town since early morn, so I can't really be faulted for not knowing what's been going on in the world of celebrity gossip for the past twelve hours, but if I had grabbed a few moments with Twitter I would have already heard all the rumors about the Sarah Palin divorce, because the story has "been all over Twitter today, with dozens of Palin tweets per minute, and at one point it was trending"(!!) [emphasis added], according to a news(?) site known as breaking tweets which translates 140 character into 140 words for those who need just a little more detail.

And then I guess I should have gone over to Palin's facebook page and read the latest update from her spokesman saying that the rumors are totally bogus, and yes, the media needs to quit makin stuff up!

Yada yada yada, who cares, aside from the comedic possibilities human interest angle, but I've got to laugh at the ridiculousness of supposedly grown-up politicians responding to and communicating through the technological equivalents of a Captain Midnight decoder ring.

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