Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I'm not awaiting with bated breath

Near the top of my least anticipated list is 'The Beaver', a Jodie Foster directed movie starring Mel Gibson as a depressed CEO who decides to only communicate via a beaver puppet.

According to SlashFilm, the script provides this introduction of the beaver:

"ANGLE ON the garbage reveals a half buried BEAVER PUPPET, its large plastic eyes staring out from under some refuse. Walter squints, then reaches for it. It turns out to have a large bushy tail and big happy grin. He holds it up. He and the beaver seem to stare blankly at one another for a long time, as if each reading a story in the other’s eyes."

At this point, any Oscar talk is probably premature.


  1. Give me post-apocalypse Mel Gibson, or give me my money back!

  2. I'm in favor of any Jodie Foster project involving beavers.

  3. Will there be a Burger King merchandise tie in?