Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Congressional Republicans, in spite of their diminished numbers, have taken a clear lead in the race to become the biggest Twits, numbering 101 Twitterers compared to the Democrats paltry 57. Additionally, a report from the Congressional Research Service finds the GOP members to Tweet more frequently, logging 932 tweets in a sample two week period to 255 from the Dems.

"What the hell is this?" asks incredulous House Finance Chairman Barney Frank, "we're paying those Bozos at CRS good money to analyze Twitter?"

"Very good money, indeed," tweets Bozos@CRS. "Five staffers at sixty hours for fifteen pages and charts. LOL!"

Twitter is seen as a cost effective method to communicate with constituents, according to House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, who tweets that "any thoughts longer than 140 characters are too big for my head", followed quickly by a second message reading "or the heads of my constituents".

“While in St. Joseph, I made a second stop at the Stetson outlet store to get a second pair of Levi’s! Hey, I’ve still got sixty characters left to burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!adds Rep. Roy Blunt.

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