Saturday, November 28, 2009

He, She, It, whatever...

I am Iron Son of Man

"God works in his or her own way, in person, as opposed
to on a toaster, or a cinnamon roll or a Frito, or whatever.
But then, God does what it wants.’’ - Rev. Thomas Keyes


  1. I once had a white dress shirt that had an image of an iron on it. My wife said it had been scorched, but I understood the mystical meaning of the image, and it changed my life.

  2. Do you worship Sunbeam to this day?

  3. Yes, I always obey the Ironmaster.

  4. All my shirts have nice sharp creases
    Since I found the face of Jesus
    Imprinted on the flat side of my Iron

    I can steam out all the wrinkles
    When Jesus holy water sprinkles
    From his face on the flat side of my iron

    (Note: "iron" is pronounced "arn")

  5. It's Jesus's way of saying, "Ironing shirts is a waste of time."

    A miracle, indeed!