Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zappadan 2009

    Next Friday marks the beginning of the fourth annual Festival of Zappadan. The eighteen day period runs from December 4th, the date of Frank Zappa's death, until December 21st, the date of his birth, and is a celebration of the man's music, aesthetic, and attitude. During this year's event, FGAQ will be following and linking to observations from across the blogosphere. If you are one of the celebrants and I happen to miss you, please just send an email to: Zappadan

graphic by Zen Comics


  1. The audio on my videos last year got wiped by Youtube. I'll try something different this year but I want to do them!!

  2. A small but vital correction. Frank passed away on Dec 4th ( i know since it was my birthday!) and was born on December 21.
    Hope you can fix that!

  3. Thanks, Zevo. This is only the fourth celebration, so you'd figure I'd have that down by now.

  4. This year, all my cheesy comments will not involve Hot Rats.