Monday, December 28, 2009

back away slowly

Disgraced former congressman Mark Foley has at long last found a reason to feel good about himself - he's not Max Baucus.

"I saw this link on Drudge that read 'Drunk with power', and being the adventurous type, I had no choice but to click it," Foley wrote on his Facebook page. "There he was, Max Baucus, drunk as a skunk on the Senate floor. Allegedly drunk as a skunk on the Senate floor, I should phrase it. Just in case, you know, the liberal goon squads are reading this, because they'd like to take another shot at Mark Foley. I just know they would."

"Let me just say that it definitely looked to me like Max Baucus was drunk, and I know a good bit about being drunk, having slept through many a night on a cold kitchen floor. I'm not implying that Baucus was lying on the Senate floor, that might be construed as slanderous, which really wouldn't bother me, except slanderous is sometimes confused with libelous, and I'm really not prepared to see another lawyer for the rest of my life if I can help it. But it occurs to me that if I use lying in the context of telling falsehoods, I'm pretty much in the clear. So there was Max Baucus, lying on the Senate floor... Bwaha ha ha ha ha..."

"Man, that is pretty funny if I do say myself, which I guess is pretty much the case, since I'm just sitting here by myself in my shorts typing in the dark. I'm so glad I've got a Facebook page."

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