Monday, December 21, 2009

Zappadan Day 0 Roundup

Brady at Ketchup is a Vegetable does an excellent roundup of highlights from this years Zappadan, while the ultra-mysterious darkblack presents the 'Black Page' along with a list of this year's Zappadan performers (ready for you to bookmark).

The invaluable Blue Gal brings us some ZappaCakes that she obtained at the bakery of alicia policia.

I Painted My Fridge Red shares memories, bildungblog completes his '18 days of Zappadan', The Brain Police tells us about his first time.

Progressive Alaska joins in with Zappa conducting Ravel's Bolero, Alternate Brain features 'Excentrifigul Forz', Welcome to Pottersville tells us 'Jesus Still Thinks You're a Jerk', Under the Lobsterscope celebrates with 'Blessed Relief', Mock, Paper, Scissors brings us the great Crossfire debate, Iranianredneck has 'Uncle Remus'.

Update: Loud Mouth Soup brings 'Florentine Pogen', Mock, Paper, Scissors hears from John Lofton.

Update 2: Urantian Sojourn illustrates and addresses The Central Scrutinizer'

Update 3: The Aristocrats await th Great Barking Pumpkin.

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  1. ...and John Lofton,one of the participants in the debate, stopped by to shout an accusation.



  2. Wow, that was the greasiest ever!
    What a pumpkin........

  3. The Darkblack link goes to alicia policia's cupcakes.

  4. You can never have have enough yellow cake!