Monday, December 7, 2009

Zappadan, Day 4 roundup

Look here: The Guys From Area 51 offer a Zappadan toast, while Bildungblog offers sympathy, and darkblack  offers another fine graphic, suitable for framing.

A/V Club: Culture Ghost features 'Muffin Man', Ketchup is a Vegetable features 'G-Spot Tornado, Wisdom of the West offers Watermelon in Easter Hay, Freida Bee features 'Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk', Under the Lobsterscope presents 'Catholic Girls', and The Brain Police digs up a very interesting medley of 'Help I'm a Rock'/'Hungry Freaks Daddy' from 1969.

News Hounds correctly makes the Frank Zappa-Glenn Beck connection, with Aunty Em writing about 'The Return of the Son of the Christmas Sweater'.

And Brady Bonk is keeping it all together for Zappadan Twitter.

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  1. Dewd, don't overlook Contingencies' contribution to Z-Dan (hopefully Gail Z isn't paying attention).

    Pynchon's latest book Inherent Vice has a few Zappa references.