Friday, January 15, 2010

Demsday Clock set to 11:52

With Republican Scott 'Bobby' Brown surging in the Massachusetts Senate special election race and the Democratic Party increasingly divided, the Republican National Committee has reset their Demsday Clock at eight minutes to midnight.

"They laughed when I unveiled my Demsday Clock last January," said jubilant RNC Chair Michael Steele. "John Boehner told me 'Michael, do you know what time it is? It's six in the morning of a brand new day for the Dems'. I looked him in the eye and said 'No it's not, John, it's high noon. Now get on out there and just say no'. And excuse me while I strike my Heisman trophy pose. There you go, that's my moment, 11:52."

"The Dems lose that 60th seat, and that's all she wrote," explained Steele. "Their party is so disorganized and dispirited that you're gonna see a mass exodus. They don't have the will to fight. The Obama administration will be effectively over, only one year after it began. We will stop the motor of the world. We don't need the House or Senate. Think there's gonna be any Supreme Court vacancies in the next three years? Stevens? Ginsburg? We're going to finally have us a conservative court. All we need is the votes to keep Obama from getting anyone confirmed and it's a done deal. It's almost midnight, baby."

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