Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glamour boy wins Massachusetts

I've got to admit that I was totally surprised by how this one went down - a few weeks ago when I first wrote about Scott Brown just about the only pics available were his Cosmo glamour shots... And now he's a senator. Big whoop? Well, shake it up, and shake hands with fellow newcomer Al Franken while you're at it, Scott. The whole batch of bastards that you've just become a member of haven't done jackshit in so long that it's hard to make a case for not just having a King. Not that being King is all that big of a big of a deal anymore. Harry Reid has pledged to give you such an unpleasant look...



  1. Apart from his tax-slashing proposals he's not so different than most mainstream ...Demopublicans--which is to say mediocre. The Mass. independents brought the frat-boy pedazo to victory.

    Anyway, Miss Coakley made a few tactical blunders and hardly campaigned at all. At one point she said anti-abortion catholics should not work in hospitals. Whether you agree or not, a pretty f-ing stupid thing to bark in Kennedy-ville. So, maybe she deserved the byatch-slap.

  2. She wasn't much of a candidate, it's true, and the Dems were arrogant enough to believe that the seat was their's in perpetuity.

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