Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Republican Party is once again calling out President Obama, this time blasting him for being 'soft on snow' and criticizing his ineffectual handling of the blizzard hitting the Washington area.

"I don't recall there ever being that much snow in Washington when George Bush was president," said Sarah Palin in a Facebook posting describing herself as the only candidate with real snow experience. "I don't recall there ever being that much snow during the Reagan years, either. And the man obviously is incapable of handling it. So here we are, just barely one year into the Obama administration, and the whole city is paralyzed with snow. All you people who were talking about hope and change, let me ask you something. How's that diggy-plowy thing workin out for you now?"

"It's probably not fair to blame one man for this disaster," said Senator Jim DeMint, "but they blamed President Bush for Katrina, and that wasn't fair either. Obama is ignoring this crisis. They tell me that the last time there was this much snow in Washington was back in 1888 when Grover Cleveland, another liberal, was president. And that wasn't such a big deal at the time, since there wasn't a beltway or an enormous bureaucracy."

"They haven't even plowed my street," Minority Leader John Boehner said tearfully. "They haven't plowed anybody's street. Except for Barack Obama's. They've even pulled all the plows off of the streets, citing trumped up safety concerns. Well, this is no time for safety concerns. The House is on February recess and I want to go home."

"Obama thinks it's funny," said Boehner's outraged sidekick Eric Cantor. "He calls it Snowpocalypse. But it's not funny. He should have mobilized the National Guard. Sarah Palin was right, what we need is a Commander in Chief, not a professor of constitutional law. Or at least a man with a plow and the will to use it."

In a rare turn of events, Senator Jim Inhofe declined joining his colleagues in their castigation of President Obama.

"You people need to rise above your petty partisan politics, and accept this storm for what it is," said Inhofe. "God's punishment on Al Gore."


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  2. What did Mr. Plow know, and when did he know it?

  3. Nicely done!

    Obviously, Obama just can't measure up to the Bush Snow Job.

  4. "but they blamed President Bush for Katrina, and that wasn't fair either.

    Oh man-n-n-n, eff you DeMint. Just frakin' bloody eff you. How frakin' DARE you suggest that Bush's extreme dereliction of duty wasn't entirely deliberate?!?!?