Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"I thought they were going to use the head shots."

Rielle Hunter, infamous mistress of odious former presidential contender John Edwards, has blasted GQ magazine for publishing photographs that she says were not authorized, "even though the release form seems to have my name on it."

Hunter calls the photos 'repulsive', and claims that she cried for two solid hours when she first saw them, then had a light lunch, then cried for another forty-five minutes.

"It's so humiliating to have the world see me dressed up like a chicken," sobbed Hunter. "At least I think it's a chicken, in retrospect, now that I take a closer look. They told me it was designer, and that I looked beautiful so I just went with the flow. What sort of man could ever love a woman dressed like a chicken? I mean, other than John?"

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