Monday, May 17, 2010

Robot Wedding Comix

I'm glad you could come out and take a look at my ministry, Your Excellency, but would you mind taking off your hat?
But... But I always wear my hat in church.
Yeah, well this is America, and we have this tradition that you're not supposed to overshadow the bride.
I suppose there is a certain logic to that, Ricky... It's just that I haven't been to a wedding in a long time. Isn't there usually a man of the cloth involved?
Of course, Your Holiness, he's... I mean it's the one with all the flowers on it's head, or head-like appendage. That's Reverend I-Fairy™.
The Reverend I-Fairy™, oh my. You don't mean to tell me you would defile the church by having a marriage performed by a gay robot, do you?
Of course, Your Excellency, that's just the way it's programmed. But don't worry, this isn't a church, it's a Country Club reception room.
Meep... Do you take this man to be your wife, to have and to hold; for better, or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part? Meep.

Wait, this is all wrong... Reverend I-Fairy™ just asked the bride if she would take the groom to be her wife, and...
Oh yeah, I understand your confusion. But see, Your Holiness, the groom isn't a man.
You shock me, Mister Warren, and I must condemn your ministry's decision to perform gay marriages.
Whoa, whoa, Your Excellency, don't get me wrong. While it may be true that the bride has had sexual reassignment surgery...

...we believe that one can never escape from their true gender. So you see, technically it's still a marriage between a man and a woman. Although in this case, it's primarily a marriage of convenience.

Oh... Well, no harm, no foul, I suppose...

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