Thursday, May 13, 2010

the unity government begins

"Well, here we are Mister Clegg."

"Yes, here we are Mister Cameron, 10 Downing Street, one of the most famous addresses in all of merry olde England."

"Right up there with Buckingham Palace. Give the cameras one last wave of unity, if you don't mind, Mister Clegg."

"Indeed I will, Mister Cameron, my special Sarah Palin wave, although I doubt the press will get the humor of it all."

"No, the press never does, do they? Still, I think it's a hoot. You know, Mister Clegg, it's a good thing that you're left handed and I'm right handed. It give us a nice symmetrical look when we wave to the cameras."

"Very aesthetically pleasing, Mister Cameron, although I suppose it means that I'll always have to stand to your left."

"An amusing observation, Mister Clegg, and politically spot on. Although another way of looking at it is that I'll always have to stand to your right. At any rate, we're quite balanced."

"The very picture of unity, Mister Cameron, and I suppose unity is the name of the game at this point, if you know what I mean."

"So sayeth the Queen. Let's go inside and have a drink, Mister Clegg, I'm tired of all this bloody waving."

"I'll gladly second that motion, Mister Cameron, my waving arm is dying for a rest."

"10 Downing Street... You know, Mister Clegg, I really never dreamed that one day I would actually live here."

"Neither did I, Mister Cameron, although I suppose that it is plenty big enough for the both of us. Bit of an odd demand from the Queen, don't you think?"

"Well, I understand her premise, Mister Clegg, it's part of the whole unity concept. I'm afraid the old girl has gotten a bit fixated on that as of late."

"I'd say more than a bit, Mister Cameron, what with telling us to wear matching suits and all that."

"Still, Mister Clegg, you must admit that it was generous of her majesty to say that we could select our own neckties."

"As long as they were solid colors and nothing too garish. Come on, Mister Cameron, let's check out our new flat. I have an overpowering craving for a tumbler of Glenfiddich single malt."

"Oh, so you're a Glenfiddich single malt drinker as well, Mister Clegg? Splendid."


  1. We were tired of Gordon Brown anyway. What a boring last name!

  2. Why, this whole election business has me absolutely snackered. Let's have us a a few tumblers of Dewars, meet with the old bag, and then we take care of the croppies.