Wednesday, July 14, 2010

from Sarah's Facebook

Why do you even read that thing if it makes you so mad, Todd asks me. Well duh. I read the Huffington Post because it makes me mad, and when I get mad I get my best ideas, just like a big mama brainiac... No, that doesn't work either. For two months now I've been trying to think of some new name to replace 'big mama grizzly' and I still haven't come up with anything.

Anyway it's kind of intellectually challenging for me to read something that has everything twisted the wrong way, and I'm trying to show America the thinking side of Sarah. Everybody says I should do that. Newt told me once that a lot of Rush's ratings actually come from liberals who listen so they'll know what to hate. He said I should try the same thing. I told him I already listen to Rush, and he said no, you should listen to somebody that you don't agree with. But liberals don't have any radio shows. LOL. I think the FCC made a rule against them back when Reagan was president. LOL

But there are plenty of liberals on television, although you do have to use both your eyes and your ears. Well, no you don't. You could just use your ears, but I can't, I hear them talking and they start talking about a funny video or something and there you go, I find myself watching like nobody's business. So anyway I tried a couple. I watched Keith Olbermann and thought he was pretty funny. Liberals are so stupid that a lot of them think he's for real, but he's just doing a comedy show like Steve Colbert, who once asked me to be on his television show a long time ago before I was as famous as I am now and I said I'll think about it, and then all of a sudden I was on the campaign trail and now I can be on any TV show I want. Oh, and I tried Rachel Maddow too - boring. And that Hardball show, which was frustrating, cause one minute I'd be hating on Chris Mathews and then the next he'd say something that agreed with me. No intellectual consistency. Plus everybody was always yelling.

So that's why I read the Huffington Post. Because it's consistently liberal through and through and also has a Style section. I think that Arianna is just like Rush except she lies and he smokes cigars which personally I think is worse than lying. Also too, the Huffington Post prints everything about me, and sometimes I learn something new. Like today.

Look. They're trying to make it look like I'm a member of the NAACP. What a lie. That's just the way they are, lie lie lie!!! And who's that guy waving at me? Is there a congressman named :Enemy? Let's see, la dee dah, oh what's this, Bristol Palin and Levi get engaged and neglect to tell me about it. Well let me tell you something Arianna Huff-and-puff, Bristol doesn't need to tell me because a mother always knows, just like a big mama elephant... No, that doesn't work either. An elephant never forgets, but they don't always know. I don't think.

Anyway, I always knew that Bristol would get back together with Ricky Hollywood because that's just the way she is. Stupid. Thick as a brick. An ignoramus. The sort of idiot girl who would show up preggers right when her mother is getting the break of a lifetime. The sort of cruel and dim-witted girl who would give an exclusive to Us magazine before she even tells her own mother, and say that she would already be married and living happily in a one bedroom apartment if her mother hadn't had the gall to run for president. A big mama ingrate. LOL. That one works. I mean for Bristol, not for me. LOL. Well I hope little miss prissy-pants at least had enough brains to get paid, cause you know girl, Levi isn't going to be rolling in that pin-up money forever.

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