Wednesday, December 1, 2010

for your must buy list

The GOP's most lovable presidential candidate is out with a new book which is destined to warm the cockles of your heart, assuming you're the sort of person that likes their ventricles  heated.
'Can't Wait Till Chrismas', supposedly autobiographical, tells the story of young Mike, a mischievous lad. A boy so impish and untamed, in fact, that he simply can't wait for Christmas. A demon child, you might say. One so totally out of control that he talks his sister into sneaking downstairs with him in the middle of a night which is not Christmas eve, opening his presents and playing with them. Somebody must have spared the rod on this little bastard, because not only does he play with his toys, but in a fiendish act of deception, he rewraps them and returns them to under the tree. No one except for Santa and Jesus suspect a thing, not until Christmas, anyway, for that's when the unwitting hellion unwraps his longed for football only to discover that it's muddy. How severely is he punished? You'll just have to read the book to find out.
"I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was trying to piggyback off of Sarah Palin's new book," admits Huckabee. "I figured some of her followers might go to pick up her book and then decide to add something else a little more intellectually stimulating."


  1. I'm afraid I may spend all my extra Christmas cash bidding on Lee Harvey Oswald's first coffin.

  2. As far as Rethug lit goes, that prolly is the most "intellectually stimulating" they've got.

    Should be a million seller!



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