Tuesday, December 7, 2010

small business celebrates tax cut extension

"Hey, buddy... Hey... Yeah, you with the fancy schmancy suit on... How bout a red hot? Yeah you, Wall Street, I asked if you wanna dog. Best dogs in town. C'mon, I'm celebratin, have a dog. Mustard, onions, chili, the works. Of course I got sauerkraut, you kiddin me? Okay, here you go, one Iron Mike's all the way."
"Nah, fuggedaboutit. Like I said, I'm celebratin. Usually be four bucks but this dog's on me. Course you wanna drop somethin in the tip jar, nothin I can do about it except say thanks pal. What? You want change for that? You didn't buy nothin, buddy, I ain't gonna give you change. What do I look like, a friggin bank? Just drop the whole thing in the jar, you look like you can afford it. There you go... Thanks, pal."
"What am I celebratin? Same thing I'm guessin you are unless you always indulge in a dog at eight-thirty in the morning. And I know you don't cause I never seen you at Iron Mike's before. The tax cut, Rockefeller, we got our tax cut extention. Boy, it looked a little shaky there for a little bit, but now we gonna be able to face the new year with a little more confidence."
"Whadaya mean, do I do this part time? Hell no, Sherlock, I'm out here eight hours a day, five days a week slingin dogs. Used to be twelve hours seven days a week, but the past coupla years have been real good to Iron Mike's, so I hired a couple part timers to run the stand when I'm not here I'm a mall businessman, that's why I'm celebratin the tax cuts. Real friggin important for us entrepreneurs."
"Yeah, more people eatin dogs, guess they're gettin tired of that upscale froufrou food. Then I added the gourmet dogs, your kielbasas, your polishes, your brats, even added a tofu, figured I'd get some business from you Wall Street guys. Never did, but a lot of other folks like to stop by and treat themselves. Now I'm not sayin I'm pullin a quarter mil yet, but if I was, I don't need Uncle Sam to be eyeing my margin too closely, know what I mean? Yeah, course you do, forget I asked."
"Sure I gotta napkin, whadaya talkin about, this is Iron Mike's, we're a full service joint. Here you go, pal, Napkin's on me. Course you wanna drop somethin in the tip jar, nothin I can do about it except say thanks."

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