Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a strongman weeps

The isolation of Libya's dictator has been growing all week, as foreign ministers, military leaders and high police officials have begun deserting him in droves, many of them fleeing the country. Trusted friends and advisors have ceased returning his calls, five of his seven sons pretend that they don't know him, and his wife Safia Farkash reportedly left Tripoli on Monday to spend some time in a quieter country. Still, Muammar Gaddafi has managed to keep his iron will forefront, determined to hold onto power at any cost. He has seen his world unravel without shedding a tear. Until today, that is, when Gaddafi's beloved dachshund Ben Wah was suddenly gone from his life.
"He loved that little dog as much as he loves his own family," said Gaddafi's playboy son Muatassim. "More than most of us, actually, especially me. He's refused to speak to me ever since he found out I spent a million dollars to get Mariah Carey to sing a couple songs at my New Years party. That damned WikiLeaks! May Julian Assange burn in hell! Ah, well, you're only young once. Sorry about your dog, daddy."
"It really is rather sad," says Seif al-Islam, the only son not estranged from the crusty old coot. "He's just been moping around the house. You know what they say, bad dictator, good dog. That certainly was true for Hitler and Goldie, and it's equally true for Dad and Ben Wah."
"Dad got up this morning, and all he found was Ben Wah's little collar and... a note," Seif continues softly. "It said 'Bad master. Bad master. Roll over. Play dead.' I don't know... No matter how much Dad bragged about that dog, I still don't think he was bright enough to write, so I'm pretty sure that his disappearance involved foul play."

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  1. False advertising! From the title, I thought this was going to be about Speaker Boehner.