Monday, April 11, 2011

bad day for the AU

A spokesman for the delegation from the African Union has expressed frustration today after Moammar Gaddafi violated the terms of a peace treaty that had just been negotiate with him a few moments earlier. Gaddafi ended his fifteen minutes of cooperation by blowing up the BMW transporting the group with an artilery shell.
"Son of a bitch," said Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni. "I guess we should give him credit for destroying our car before we got in it, but just try telling that to the driver's wife and kids."
Adding insult to injury, the group was then mobbed by angry rebels as they attempted to drive through Benghazi in a rented BMW which was not nearly as nice as their original car. The mob loudly shouted 'Gaddafi out!' as well as other things that were simply too rude to repeat.

"I know the African Union is not a prestigious big shot organization like the UN or NATO but give us a fucking break," lamented Congo's President Nguesso. "We get Gaddafi to sign a treaty and he breaks it a few minutes later. No way our dignity isn't going to take a ding from that sort of disrespect. And now we're stuck inside of Benghazi without a ride."

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