Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reid concedes

Speaking solemnly, Majority Leader Harry Reid gaveled close another exciting week in the Senate (one not unusual in the fact that nothing was done) with a dramatic conclusion unique in modern congressional history - the decision to work on the week after a national holiday.
"Okay, I give up, you win. You win, Mister President. Don't shoot me - See, I've got my hands up. Your remarks yesterday really hurt, comparing us unfavorably to Malia and Sasha. True, we haven't gotten a lot of bills passed this year... just eighteen, if you're counting, and I'm sure you are... And fifteen of those were naming a building or extending an existing law, although we did get that one guy appointed to the board of the Smithsonian. Everybody loves Jimbo... And let's see, there's the Patriot Act, which was also an extension, but still, it was a significant one... And there was something else... "
"But I'll read what you said because you were right, we do have a heck of a lot of work to do. Not that we'll be able to really accomplish anything but what the heck, you've got the gun, rhetorically speaking. You know, Mr. President, you might have hear it said that with liberty comes responsibility. We should take that responsibility seriously. I’m confident we do. That’s why the Senate will reconvene on Tuesday, the day after the Fourth. We’ll do that because we have work to do. We’ll be in session that week - that’s next week - with our first vote on July 5, which as I indicated earlier, is the day after the fourth. There. You happy? Now everybody get on out of here and enjoy what you've got left of the weekend."

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