Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation Comix

Whoa! Did you see that shot, Reggie?
Sure did, boss. You really knocked the hell out of that one. You know, the green is just about sixty yards up ahead...
You didn't happen to see where my ball went, did you?
I'm not sure, but it looked like it blew right off of the island.
Huh. The wind must have picked it up. Guess I'd better go with a three iron.
Yeah, whatever... Uh oh, here comes the man.
Mister President, I believe it's imperative that you get off of Martha's Vineyard right away. It's starting to get pretty grim outside.
Eh, it's not that bad. I've still got the wind at my back for the next two holes, and then we can skip ahead to the ninth.
It's my job to ensure your safety, sir. I'm going to have to insist that you prepare for immediate departure.
You're a good man, Agent Smith, but nobody's going to make me leave this island until my vacation is over.
We're going to have to insist that you prepare for immediate departure, Mister President.
Read my lips - No. Negatori. Nyet. Not gonna happen.
We were afraid this might happen, and so we brought someone who might be able to convince you to cooperate.
Barack, for God's sake, listen to Agent Smith. We've got to leave right away. There's a hurricane coming.
Aww, honey, just think of how disappointed the kids would be...
Sasha is hiding under the bed and Malia is just sitting at the kitchen table rocking back and forth.
You know what you should do? Take them down to Martin Square for an ice cream cone.
I can see that we're going to have to use the secret weapon. Send in the Veep.
I'm sorry, boss. The jig is up. We've got Copter 1 waiting - you're going to have to leave.
Joe, Joe, think of what you're saying. If I leave Martha's Vineyard, the terrorists will have won.
You mean the Republican terrorists that didn't want you to take a vacation? Forget about them. This could be the biggest thing to hit the east coast in decades and you need to be back in Washington.
But the... the presidency travels with me. I can do everything here that I could back there.
Not if your communications network is knocked out, you can't. Now let's go. There will be other vacations in the future.
Boss, the wind just blew your hat halfway down the fairway. Want me to see if someone can catch it?
Nah, Reggie, why even bother?

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