Thursday, December 3, 2009

mysterious ways

"Looks like God went and opened another door for me," quipped Sarah Palin that nominal 2012 GOP frontrunner Mike Huckabee had fallen victim to his inner Dukakis. "Yep, I always told God, okay, even if there's just a little teeny crack in the door, don't let me miss it, cause technically, if it's cracked a little bit, it's still open, you know? If it's good for my family, or my state, good for my country, or heck, even an opportunity for me, I might just plow right through that door. But right now, I don't even think I'll need a plow, cause it looks to me like there's a big old Willie Horton sized hole in that door."

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, but Sarah Palin and "just a little cracked" in the same sentence just doesn't work for me.

    Now is the time for Mike Upchuckabee to eat. and eat. and eat.