Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Tom Coburn Death Wish Watch

Okay, just to set this up in case you missed it during the blur of Zappadan, but on Sunday afternoon Senator Tom Coburn took to the floor to suggest a special health care appeal to the Deity - "What the American people ought to pray is that somebody can’t make the vote tonight. That’s what they ought to pray." Not surprisingly, this was taken as a desire by Coburn to see ailing 92 year old Robert Byrd shuffle off this mortal coil, and a call for fellow wingnuts to compound their power of prayer in order to help Byrd on his way.

Cut to yesterday on C-SPAN, with far-right Senator John Barrasso (The Clean Water Act is a federal power grab!) taking calls... The caller is brilliant, brief and pitch perfect, but it's the vacant, million mile stare of Barrasso that's the star of this video.