Monday, December 21, 2009

Zappadan 2009, the final credits

Special thanks to Brady Bonk of Ketchup is a Vegetable,
who put together the Zappadan Tweeter Network, and
posted many fine Zappadan contributions. Special thanks
to Blue Gal, at her own blog as well as at
Crooks & Liars for spreading the word far and wide,
and also too, for her own excellent contributions.
Special thanks to Zen Comix for bringing us Frank both
in Spirit and in spirit. Special thanks to Urantian
who I've quite rightly dubbed the Poet Laureates
of Zappadan, Mock, Paper, Scissors for constant
creativity and support, and not to be redundant although
indeed I am, the ultra-mysterious darkblack for
constant creativity and support.

And still there's more.

In my very best approximation of alphabetical order, Special thanks for the special contributions from 3C Patent Law, 68comeback special, After The Bridge, alicia policia, Alternate Brain, A Modified Dog, The Anchovy Daiquiri Shack, The Brain Police, Bildungblog, Blckdgrd, Contingencies, The Culture Ghost, Dave Knows Portland, Freida Bee, From Laurel Street, Illiterate Electorate, I Painted My Fridge Red, Iranianredneck, Like Dancing About Architecture, Loud Mouth Soup, Luiz Woodstock, Mad Dog Media, MF Blog, Mikeb302000, News Hounds, Ornery Bastard, Outside the Interzone, Progressive Alaska, Pushing Rope, Rawrahs, Salmon Alley, ShortWoman, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, The Adventures of Zevo Calamari & Boo, The Aristocrats, The Guys From Area 51, The Jade Gate, Tiny Little Circles, Uncommon Squalor, Under the Lobsterscope, Welcome to Pottersville 2, Wetmachine, Wisdom of the West, hair of the dog from driftglass, and anyone else I've inadvertently missed.


...and one more thing - hit it, Theodore!


  1. What's New In Baltimore?

    Why.... It's Frank Zappa Day!

  2. Another great year! Thanks Mark.

  3. Mark,
    On behalf of the little creeps at USojo, a warm thank you for being the electrical cord to the Zappadan Machinery. You rock, dude.

  4. Theodore Bikel's voice is still echoing in the now vacant halls of the Brainpolice recreational facility. The Dwarf Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is busy cleaning up the mess...
    We are now serving the seasonal kloug...

  5. I think it was a wonderful Zappadan. Thanks so much, Mark.

  6. Great event this year, and thanks, Mark.

    your ultramysterious pal,


  7. and thank you all for making it happen!

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