Saturday, October 2, 2010


Rick Sanchez yesterday became the latest victim of the vast Zionist Media Conspiracy, abruptly being fired from CNN after he made the catastrophic mistake of directing attention towards the vast Zionist Media Conspiracy.
"Such a yammering meshugeneh, he is," said CNN elder Harrell Rubenstein. "Even the most farblondzhet goy knows that the first rule of Semite Club is you do not talk about Semite Club."
Sanchez made his remarks while appearing on the enormously popular SiriusXM show 'Stand Up! With Pete Dominick', where he called Jon Stewart a bigot. He then attempted to temper his remarks by saying that Stewart was not all that different from the other powerful Jews who ruthlessly run CNN and all of the other networks, while pretending to be oppressed minorities. Which is such a crock, you know, because it's Sanchez who is the oppressed minority.
"White folks usually don't see it. But we do - those of us who are minorities and women see it sometimes, too, from men in authority," Sanchez said. In a shocking anecdote, he revealed that a CNN executive had once told him "I really don't see you as an anchor, I see you more as a reporter." Hurtful words indeed, and Sanchez could not hide his bitterness, muttering "An anchor is what you give the high-profile white guys, you know."
"What a shmendrik," chuckled CNN alter kocker Larry King. "Who realized he wasn't a white guy? He looks pretty white to me, even if his name is Sanchez. Maybe it was a publicity stunt, seeing as how he was promoting his book 'Conventional Idiocy'. I think it's funny. He may not think it's funny but what does he know, the putz."


  1. CNN is obviously racist against racist remarks.

    BTW, this is biased against good hair....

  2. "Unconventional Idiot Victim of Conventional Idiots:" why, the story practically writes itself.