Monday, January 10, 2011

Rush reacts

Sheriff Dupnik is to blame, of course. In the aftermath of the Arizona assassinations, Dupnik was interviewed by CNN, where he blamed the atmosphere that caused the event on "the vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from people in the radio business and some people in the TV business". Later he even suggested that perhaps Sarah Palin stirred the pot a bit by targeting Congressman Gifford with a rifle scope in one of her excellent Facebook PowerPoints.  Then Keith Olberman went on the air with the same argument, and a couple crazy bloggers too, but none cut with the force of Dupnik .

Rush went wild today, seeing as he was the man under attack, blaming everyone from Barack Obama to heavy metal for the Arizona murders (a partial list of the guilty here), but Dupnak is particularly blameworthy. He Revealed to his dittoheads the shocking fact that Dupnik is a registered Democrat, an important point that the 'lamestream' media has neglected to mention. An important fact, because the media and the Democrats have a conspiracy to get Rush. There are 'political reasons', doncha know, and Limbaugh explained that "this is what all of this is really all about. It is all political. I was blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 … it’s the template, it’s the narrative."
As you probably recall, Limbaugh was blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing, but was ultimately exonerated when a judge determined that he was too wasted that year to have been a plausible suspect. But his point, as usual,  is well taken; it's all about Rush.


  1. Also, there is clearly evidence that socialised medicine (as the English refer to it) would have made this all thirty times worse.

  2. I got my socialist security card in the Murrah Building before Rush had it blown up. And, when Rush mentioned me on his radio program, my e-mail filled with threats.