Wednesday, May 25, 2011


" I've got the ball, and Cantor is coming at me fast, so I give him a look like this, like I'm going to drive towards the basket, and he pauses just long for me to jump, and bingo, three points. Fools him every time."
"Wow. I've never played basketball. I find it fascinating that you shout bingo when you score."
"You don't have to. That's just something I came up with. A lot of guys say 'in yo face'."
"That's because you, sir, are an individualist. Maybe the kind of guy who should run for president."
"Like I told you earlier, Neil, I have no intention of running for president. I have enough work to do with the budget."
"I know... So, you ever play any b-ball with Boehner?"
"No, he's really not into that sort of thing. Listen, Neil, the segment is almost over and we still haven't talked at all about Medicare reform."
"I know...  I just find that such a depressing topic right now. I mean, I feel like you guys are inching away from the whole thing, and then we lost New York's 26th district last night, and..."
"Listen, Neil, that was just one race that was thrown by a third party candidate, and..."
"I know... A Tea Party candidate who liked Medicare."
"Jack Davis is a Tea Party candidate in name only, Neil. He's always been a Democrat in the past."
"I know... So what you're saying is that Jane Corwin lost to two Democrats who liked Medicare. I feel as though the fruit of your effort is withering on the vine."
"Buck up, soldier. The fact is, the Democrats weren't running on Medicare, they were running on Mediscare."
"I don't even know what that means."
"Mediscare. It's a word that I made up by combining Medicare and scare."
"Sarah Palin is better at making up words than you... But since she isn't running for president, maybe you should."
"I think she may still, Neil, but I'm not. I've got far too much..."
"I know... You've got far too much work to do on the budget. It's just that I feel your budget is doomed, Congressman Ryan. You can't even get people to support you on Medicare reform."
"Like I said, it's because the Democrats are trying to scare people by telling them we're trying to take their Medicare away."
"I know, but that's what you're doing. You need to convince them that that's a good and necessary thing, but I'm kind of giving up hope that you can get your message through. The latest FOX poll shows that 76% of voters oppose you."
"We have to educate them. Leaders have to lead, and that's exactly what I'm doing."
"I know... But it seems like you're leading us to disaster... I sure did enjoy being the majority, even if it was just in the House."
"You're depressing me, Neil."
"I know, but the segment is almost over. And I guess so is your stint in the Congress, since I don't see any Republicans from Wisconsin being reelected in 2012. Well, I appreciate you being on 'Our World with Neil Cavuto', Congressman Ryan. We're out of time for this segment."
"I know, thank God."

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