Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Sarah's Facebook: Good news on the default front

I was reading the most interesting thing last night and it really shows just how much Obama has been deceiving the American people about this so-called disaster that's supposed to happen on August 2 if we don't raise the debt ceiling. I didn't use the word lying but you can read between the lines cause if it quacks like a duck then that's what it is, particularly if it's got one of those cute orange beaks and waddles around a lot.
The government is not going to run out of money on August 2. I repeat, the government is not going to run out of money on August 2 because that's what some experts say, experts who know a lot more about these thing than Timothy Geithner who should be fired. Like UBS says we're not going to run out until August 8 and Barclays says August 10 and Wells Fargo says we might make it all the way till the end of the month cause there's more money coming in from high taxes than we were le to believe plus there's more coming in all the time.
You know, it's like when you're grieving about the fact that your wallet is empty and your checking account is totally blah and the only thing you really want out of life at the moment is a pizza and a six pack and then suddenly - suddenly - you remember the change jar. You know, the jar or box or whatever where you throw all your pennies and nickels and dimes and maybe even a few quarters so your purse doesn't weigh like a ton? And you don't even want to count it because honestly who has the time?

So you dump it all in a plastic bag and you lug it down to the Walmart where they have one of those Coinstar machines, you know, one of those machines where you dump your change in and it counts it all up and then it gives you a receipt that you give to the girl at the service desk and then they give you money or a gift card? If you take money than the store takes a cut just like the federal government but if you take the gift card you get full value but you probably want to take the money because the pizza at Walmart really isn't very good. So you're watching and the Coinstar is counting the change and showing how much you've got on a little display and all of a sudden you've got enough for a pizza and then a minute later you've got enough for a six pack as well and it just keeps going and going and before you know it you've got like eighty-three dollars plus thirty-two cents that you can use to start a new change jar.
That's just like the federal government, and you know, while they're spending that eighty-three dollars more change is coming in all the time like from all of the high taxes and so you really don't know when you're going to run out of money or even if you're going to run out at all because it's almost like a perpetual motion machine. And then you remember that you haven't even checked your other purses for the change that might be there and especially the closet where Todd hangs his pants because he never empties his pockets and the coins all fall out on the floor. There's your change you can believe in.

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