Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pants on the ground

See that map behind Larry? Yeah, I know you can't see all of it. I believe that's the Louisiana coast Larry is sitting in front of, but the important thing is that each one of those dots represents a 'writer' who thought it would be a really funny idea to title their piece 'Larry King is hanging up his suspenders'. Kudos to Newsweek for at least being original enough to say that Larry was hanging up his crown. I'm holding out hope that somewhere out their is a writer creative enough to go with 'Larry King is packing up his softballs' or 'Larry King to spend more time with his wives'. Come on people, look alive.

I'll miss Larry, not because I watch him, but because he's an important stock player in my imaginary universe. Just in the past year I've had him interview the Underwear Bomber, comment on Michaele and Tareq, and battle Glenn Beck's 'Christmas Sweater' at the box office with his own production of 'The Hanukkah Trousers'. Yesterday when writing about the Elena Kagan hearings, I toyed with the idea of having Senator Sessions give his remaining time to Larry, and in retrospect, I wish I had gone for it.

So long, Larry, it's been fun having you around.


  1. "Shirttail up, britches down, little pile on the ground. Do you know what I am?"* This was the closest my father ever came to telling me an off-color joke.

    *Answer: clothes-pins. In the day when people dried their laundry on a a clothes-line, they hung their shirts tail up, their britches legs down, and had a pile of clothes-pins on the ground.

  2. That's strangely hilarious, Fearguth.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, this will leave more time for Larry to do more interviews "for fun?"